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Digital Barriers offers a wide range of specialist video systems and related technologies offering solutions to secure almost any type of critical infrastructure asset. Their systems are able to be implemented as standalone or can be integrated into existing systems or as part of a wide network of security systems. Their competence ranges from consulting to system integration to complete specialty solutions in the private and public sectors, airports, border security, transport systems, defense and more.

LRAD Corporation offers a range of acoustic products that radiate directed sound to allow the user to clearly communicate at safe distances, providing focused broadcasts to intelligibly transmit critical information, instructions and warnings at distances from 100 meters to 3,000 meters. The LRAD® (Long Range Acoustic Device) range offers a number of products designed for military, public safety, shipping, port and commercial security applications -- Both on land and in maritime environments.

Beyond Encryption primary data security solution is an enterprise application that enables an organization to target, with pinpoint accuracy, its sensitive information on any device, regardless of its location and how it’s protected. This technology transcends existing enterprise infrastructures, helping organizations maintain control over sensitive information while significantly improving external collaboration. Beyond Encryption weaponises defenses and provides the organization with the tools it requires to enforce data security on any device that connects to its network.

Beyond Encryption Technologies has forged strategic sales and business development relationships with companies in the US, UK, Asia, Middle East and Australia and are working at both Enterprise and Government level in all of these regions.

Gecko Marine Safety Helmets from Gecko Headgear are designed for use in extreme marine environments, to provide head protection in those environments and reduced exposure to the elements. The MK10 Gecko Marine Safety Helmet (GMSH) is available in 3 basic models; Open Face GMSH, Full Face GMSH and the Cutaway GMSH. These models are available in a variety of colors and paint schemes. Gecko Headgear also offers a number of add-ons and accessories to include communications systems (helmet mounted headsets), helmet mounted lights and storage bags.

The R4 Tegman® is the latest offering from Mawashi, a company world renowned for innovation in personal protection equipment. The R4 Tegman was developed in accordance with the CSA-Z617 Standard (Personal Protective Equipment for Blunt Trauma). It was designed to protect against real life blunt trauma injuries while providing officers the complete mobility they need to get their job done.  The unique multiple-layer laminate system that all Tegman gear is made of acts to distribute and absorb high-impact strikes. It is lightweight and body-contour molded, make Tegman gear comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. Mawashi offer a large range of protective gear and training equipment.