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Manifest started off as a communications accessory reseller. It has grown to become one of the largest resellers of security and security related equipment in Hong Kong and Macau. Offering an extensive range of products, Manifest strives to offer only the best available in each product area. Companies represented by Manifest in Hong Kong and Macau include:
Company Product Lines Company Logo
Atlantic Signal Tactical headsets
Audiotel International Tactical surveillance counter measures equipment
AXON Enterprise, Inc. Body worn video camera and video equipment software
Blighter Surveillance Systems Ground Surveillance Radar
Digital Ally, Inc. Bodyworn and vehicle camera systems
DRONESURVEY ASIA Drones for indoor and exploration of confined spaces
DTC – Domo tactical communications Video surveillance and advanced MESH communications
Dynasafe Explosive containment systems
Dyplex High-tech communications and security products
Fisher Labs M-Scope portable metal detection archways
Garrett Metal Detectors Security Metal Detectors
Gecko Headgear Marine safety helmets
Geovox Security, Inc. AVIAN heartbeat detector
Griffon Hoverwork Ltd. Hovercraft design and manufacture
Imtradex Communications headsets
JetFloatQ Pontoon systems
KumahiraQ Liquid Bottle Analyzer, Security Gates, Vaults
LOGIS-GEOTECH Through wall radar and ground penetration radar
LRAD Corporation Long range acoustic devices
MAM-A, Inc. Archive grade CD-R, DVD and Blu-ray discs
Newcon OptikU Night vision and other milspec optical devices
Ovation Systems Ltd. Video storage and recording equipment
Ozilite Flameless cigarette lighter solutions.
Phonak Communications AG Covert and hearing protection communication accessories
SAVOX Communications, Inc. Marine intercom systems
Scanna MSC Ltd. Mailroom and EOD x-ray systems
Scott Safety / 3M Industrial safety masks, breathing apparatus and headwear
Smiths Detection Border security and threat detection equipment
Steiner Optik GmbH Binoculars, telescopic sights
Steiner eOptics Flashlights and laser aimers
Ultra Electronics Marine intercom systems
Vemotion 3G / 4G video encoders
Visual Engineering Technologies Ltd. IP surveillance cameras