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Manifest Marketing Limited is an ISO 9001 certified Hong Kong Corporation that has been operating since 1999. In the company's 23 year history, it has enjoyed dynamic growth in both product range and business depth. Manifest is primarily a Sales Company, representing over 50 overseas security and security related companies — mostly from North America and Europe. The Company’s biggest customers are the Hong Kong and Macau Governments, but the client list includes a wide range of law enforcement and security professionals.

To augment and add value to this sales business, MML also locally supports, services and maintains many of the product/product lines the Company sells in Hong Kong and Macau. This is done by the company’s three fully equipped workshops, staffed by fully trained, professional technicians. The full range of service and support includes installation of motorcycle safety helmet headsets — fast boat intercom installation — x-ray installation and service, just mentioning a few.

In the performance of the company’s primary business as an international sales agent/distributor a number of credentials are required. These credentials include:

As mentioned above, MML is a Quality Management Systems ISO 9001 certified company with Certification Number FS526379. Manifest received this certification in November 2007 from BSI Management Systems. More information about ISO and what it means can be found at:

MML is a Registered Security Company, holding a License issued by the Hong Kong Government Security Bureau (Security and Guarding Services Industry Authority) in accordance with the Laws of Hong Kong, Security and Guarding Services Ordinance (Cap. 460). The License covers the provision of individuals to perform type III security work (installation, service and repair of security related equipment). For more information about the Hong Kong Security Bureau and/or this License, go to:

MML has relationships and supplies products to most Government Departments in Hong Kong and Macau. MML is registered with the Hong Kong Government Logistics Department (GLD) as a Hong Kong Government Supplier. This registration means that Manifest is pre-vetted and is free to participate in any open Hong Kong Government tendering/procurement exercise. The GLD keeps a file of all products that can be offered by Manifest. This file/list of products is updated at least once per year. The Hong Kong GLD has a website at:

MML is included in the Hong Kong Government Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) Contractor List for Electronic Systems Integration (ESI). This means the Company is eligible to bid on most of EMSD’S tenders.

MML is an Irradiating Apparatus License issued by the Radiation Health Unit of the Hong Kong Department of Health. This License authorizes MML to import and maintain the x-ray equipment covered under that license. More information about the Radiation Health Unit and the laws of Hong Kong pertaining to x-ray equipment can be found at:

MML is an Approved Hong Kong Government Dockyard Maintenance Services Provider (Hull, Deck & Tailshaft Group II). At the MML workshop at the Government Dockyard and at operational locations around Hong Kong, MML is authorized to work on Government vessels. MML’s primary area of expertise is Griffon Hoverwork hovercraft operated by various departments. Additional information about the HK Gov vessel fleet and the operation of the Dockyards can be found on the Hong Kong Marine Department website at: Appointment of Maintenance Services Providers for the Government Dockyard (GD) - Marine Department (

MML also holds an Radioactive Substance License issued by the Radiation Board of Hong Kong under the provisions of Radiation Ordinance, Chapter 303. This License authorizes MML to import, store, convey and sell radioactive substances in Hong Kong. More information about the Radiation Health Unit and the laws of Hong Kong pertaining to x-ray equipment can be found at:

MML holds Radio Dealer License issued by the Hong Kong Office of the Communications Authority (OFCA). This license authorizes Manifest to import and sell radio equipment in Hong Kong. OFCA has a website at:

MML has a Hong Kong Government Arms Dealer License. This License is held via the company's Managing Director, Bryan Van Dale, and allows Manifest to import and sell (to authorized buyers) arms and ammunition.

For reasons of professional development and industry relevancy, Manifest is associated with four trade and security industry organizations (with a number of the company’s staff belonging to them):  

HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigation Association) Asia Pacific Chapter




ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) International in Hong Kong



International Trade Council




TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) Asia Pacific


* Note: Licence numbers shall be provided on request.