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Sep 2018
Going Green – Manifest Marketing has purchased an electric van for their service operations at the Hong Kong International Airport. In line with HKIA’s initiative to phase out petrol powered vehicles, Manifest has taken an early approach to go green with the purchase of the vehicle, and contribute towards protection of the environment. At the same time, this will keep Manifest up to date with modernization of its operations.

Manifest’s new electric van for the service team based at the Hong Kong International Airport
July 2018
The HAFFA Forum on ICAO New Air Cargo Security Policy cum Annual Luncheon was held on 31 July 2018. Manifest Marketing was invited to participate in the forum and Sales Managers Chris Cheung and Alan Ho attended the event. Chris was also invited to be a guest speaker and gave an informative presentation on Smith Detection’s x-ray equipment, highlighting its quality, technology and solutions provided for the protection of people and property. Chris’ presentation and Manifest’s participation was much appreciated, as can be seen in the letter below from Mr. Brian Wu, HAFFA’s Chairman.

Mr. Brian Wu, Chairman of HAFFA

The HAFFA Forum was well attended

Chris Cheung giving her presentation

Brian Wu presenting Chris Cheung with her certificate of thanks from HAFFA

HAFFA’s letter of thanks to Chris and Manifest Marketing

Manifest Marketing sent three of their technicians, Arthur Yam, Kelvin Doo and Ricardo Cabuhat, to attend a technical training course at Smith Detection’s facilities in NSW, Australia. Smith Detection provides a comprehensive range of border security and threat detection solutions to protect people across the globe.

Manifest Marketing have worked in partnership with Smith Detection for many years, and have regularly sent their technicians for training to keep up to date on the latest equipment development, technology and solutions. Manifest Marketing is dedicated to continuously provide smooth, efficient, quality service to their customers.

Smith Detection facilities, NSW, Australia

Kelvin Doo, Adriel Bent (Trainer), Arthur Yam and Ricardo Cabuhat with their certificates.
June 2018
Two of Manifest Marketing ‘s sales team, Chris Cheung and Alan Ho, attended the ASIS International  - Joint Security Industry Seminar held in Macau on 21 June. ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security) International is the largest organization for security professionals with more than 38,000 members, globally, of which Manifest Marketing is a member. 

Manifest Marketing’s Chris Cheung and Alan Ho at the ASIS International – Joint Security Industry Seminar

ASIS International — Joint Security Industry Seminar, was held in Macau
April 2018
Manifest Marketing sent two of their technicians, Tony Wong and KS Cham, to Griffon Hoverwork in UK in April to attend hovercraft operator training with certification. Training at Griffon Hoverwork included Handling, Emergency Procedures and Maintenance.

Tony Wong and KS Cham with their certificates

KS Cham and Tony Wong aboard the hovercraft

John Gifford, Technical Director, Griffon Hoverwork, with KS Cham

John Barker, Instructor, Training Department, Griffon Hoverwork, with KS Cham and Tony Wong
April 2018
Welcome to our new partners, quite a few with whom we have been working with for some time. We look forward to a long and successful business partnership with them.

Surveillance and TSCM, Through Wall Listening and Audio Forensics
SAS R&D Services
Hand held contraband detection equipment
Spectronic Denmark A/S trading as DTC
Covert Audio and Video Surveillance Solutions
Wire On Air A/S
Wireless audio surveillance equipment